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As one of the leading recruitment process outsourcing firms in Delhi, India. PIT brings together a complete solution where the company can be assured of the recruiting tasks with a proven cost-saving and specified results within timelines.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It’s been noted that finding the ideal people for a certain job is more difficult and time-consuming than it appears at first. To begin with, the correct personnel must be in charge of the requirements. Even with a dedicated staff working towards the goal of finding the right personnel, it is always a time-consuming and costly process for any firm. That is why it is critical to find the best RPO company in India. At IPS, we offer a wide range of RPO services, including recruitment and end-to-end HR Process Management.

RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is a straightforward, convenient, professional, and most importantly cost-effective method of hiring talent for your company. RPO stands for "Responsible Party Organization," as the acronym implies.

The Process:

  • PIT RPO assigns a dedicated representative to the organisation, either on-site or off-site, depending on the client’s needs. From understanding the recruitment needs through the acceptance of the offer letter by the candidates, the PIT Representative fully supports the client in performing all recruitment-related tasks.
  • After the RPO representative has reviewed the requirements, a well-defined and written Job description is developed and delivered to the client for approval.
  • Within 7 days of the interview date, suitable candidates are lined up for the interview based on the authorised job descriptions.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted are contacted and scheduled for the next round of interviews.
  • Representatives from PIT can also help with discussions and acceptance.
  • Follow-ups are conducted after the offer has been accepted to ensure the acceptance of the chosen candidate.

Benefits of Hiring RPO Company:

  • PIT reps have seasoned recruiters who know what it takes to find the perfect person.
  • In addition, an PIT representative is supported by a team of other expert recruiters and team leads, which aids in the hiring of additional roles or tough profiles.
  • PIT representatives have access to all employment sites and candidate databases, allowing them to offer you with all prospective prospects who match your requirements.
  • With PIT RPO, you can employ at all levels, from blue-collar to executive, and from mid-level managers to CXO, without having to rely on agencies. We use our extensive global network to match our clients’ recruiting outsourcing requirements.
  • PIT RPO has devised a flexible strategy that allows you to snooze your contract when you are not available.

Simple Comparison of the cost that is included while setting up your recruitment team vs PIT RPO


  • Delivery of outsourced processes are carried out onsite or offsite or both, depending upon the scale and support required.
  • Complete synchronised applications to handle the entire recruitment process at clients place.
  • Cost efficiency, centralised functionality
  • Perpetual process improvement
  • Flexibility and employer branding are few RPO drivers


  • Outsourcing of trained recruiters exclusively working for clients
  • PIT high returns on the investment reducing hiring cost by 25%
  • Reduces time taken in the recruitment
  • Fixed cost is converted into variable cost


Frequently Asked Questions

Companies contact HR consultants in India when you’re looking for human resources services, as they work with clients with particular requirements. Over time, they work as partners to ensure the right choices for the company

Recruitment process outsourcing, abbreviated as RPO, is described as the transfer of some or all of an employer’s recruitment responsibilities to a third-party service provider. The RPO provider adopts the organisation’s technology, staffing, reporting, and other techniques, according to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA). RPO services in India differ from suppliers in that they accept full responsibility for the management and design of the recruitment process, as well as the results. This is typically thought of as a supplement to the company’s internal hiring department for available job vacancies, which varies depending on the brand and area.

Candidate sourcing, talent acquisition, interview coordination, market forecasting, workforce planning, offer management, background and compliance checks, reporting and metrics, onboarding, and more are all tasks of recruitment process outsourcing businesses.

recruitment and technology management. The procedure also includes selection, assessment and screening.

Technology, dedicated professionals, analytics, and practise processes are all interwoven inside RPO organisations in India. As an outside organisation, they collaborate with recruiting managers to improve sourcing, onboarding, and assessments, as well as forecast future demand. They use deep market knowledge, actionable data, and experience to optimise and automate processes. They transform the business’ efficiency and upskilling if you successfully collaborate with them. As a result, with recruitment outsourcing businesses in India, your company will always be one step ahead of the competition.

RPOs are outsourcing solutions that give comprehensive scalability and flexibility, as well as cost savings and objective achievement without expanding staff. Furthermore, they promote employee retention, improve hiring quality, and minimise hiring time, all of which contribute to a greater employee retention rate.

Flexibility, enhanced expertise, scalability, and optimised procedures to improve candidate experience and hiring practises are all advantages of outsourcing businesses. They also try to improve talent pools, increase retention, and shorten the time it takes to hire. RPO services in India have outlined tactics that prevent unfair hiring practises and improve the recruitment process’ efficiency and stability. They share the human resources department’s hiring responsibilities but collaborate on everyday chores.

They are equally involved in identifying the proper people as they become an extension of the internal hiring team. Regardless of whether the company is downsizing or the internal hiring staff is unable to meet business expectations, they deploy talent acquisition tactics and onboard new hires.

In India, RPO providers don’t charge a fixed rate for all services, and there isn’t much of a difference between large corporations, mid-size businesses, and startups. The pricing of your RPO services, like most other service categories, is totally dependent on the services you select. However, the services you choose are determined by the needs of your firm.

Long-term and short-term workforce planning, hiring manager communication and engagement, strategic candidate sourcing, pre-employment candidate employment history and background check, graduate recruitment (including apprenticeships and internships), talent engagement, candidate management, recruitment analytics support, and compliance and risk management are all services provided by recruitment process outsourcing companies.

Our RPO recruitment company takes pleasure in its seventeen years of experience, which began in 2011.



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