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PIT Flexi Staffing Services is one of the leading contract staffing companies in India to provide integrated temporary staffing/contract/staff outsourcing solutions to a broad spectrum of industries and corporations.

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We provide a skilled workforce to growing organisations that intend to outsource their non-core activities to professional agencies. Our experts can handle all your non-core contract or temporary staffing needs. With this substantial burden off your shoulders, you can now focus better on your core business activities.

Our impeccable temporary staffing services combine all recruitment activities or provide a top-quality workforce to suit the needs and requirements of the organisation. Our contract staffing services include manpower documentation, management, statutory and payroll compliance of deployment, and replacement whenever required.

The current manpower market is unpredictable; scarcity of the right talent, fluctuating demand and stringent regulations have made things more challenging for modern businesses to source and employ the right workforce.

PIT, one of the leading temp staffing companies in India, aims to fill this vacuum by becoming the perfect link between the company and the workforce. Our unconventional approach to your ever-changing staffing needs ensures you always have access to the right manpower when you need them the most.

Our cutting edge contract staffing services are intelligent, agile, cost-effective and specialised to provide you with a highly skilled job-ready workforce even at short notice. With our innovative outlook towards your staffing needs, we are able to achieve functionality and numerical flexibility as per the changing needs of the organisation, enabling you to stay productive while being flexible with the contract workforce.

PIT is one of the trusted temp staffing companies in India. With us, you do not need to ever worry about manpower shortage. We are an innovative company of experienced recruiters and hiring managers who can manage every minute need of your HR department, including regulatory compliance, payroll and HRIs or Human Resource Information System.

Once you partner with PIT, you no longer need to focus on your non-core human resource activities. Instead, we can handle all your needs to ensure better efficiency and productivity of the overall organisation.

Advantages of hiring contract staffing companies in India

  • Contract staffing services by PIT are a superior option than incurring expenses on regular recruitment activities. It saves the energy and time the company spent in sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates.
  • The manpower available via the contract staffing services has been already sourced and selected as per their skills, knowledge, competencies and experience. Therefore, the manpower is job-ready for immediate deployment.
  • If the performance of a particular temp employee is unsatisfactory, the company just needs to inform PIT, and they will get an immediate replacement.
  • PIT holds complete responsibility for the temp staff. Therefore, any discrepancies can be handled immediately. This lessens your risks.
  • Temporary staffing services of PIT allows immense flexibility to increase or reduce staffing as per the business requirement.

PIT provides the most comprehensive contract staffing services to emerging as well as established companies. Why wait then! Partner with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Companies contact HR consultants in India when you’re looking for human resources services, as they work with clients with particular requirements. Over time, they work as partners to ensure the right choices for the company

When businesses look for an innovative method to reduce costs, contractual staffing is a major part of it. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been looking for contractual staffing to maintain a positive work-life balance and other health benefits.

In simple language, contractual staffing services is defined as recruiting employees for short-term employment contractors as compared to permanent full-time workers. Unlike full-time, contractual working methods enable employee flexibility, which extends to seasonal work, part-time work and independent contracts with additional free time and flexibility. Depending on the nature of the job, temporary staffing services last from a couple of hours, three months to years. If the employees perform extremely well in their temporary services, they would be hired by the management for a full-time permanent position.

Contract staffing companies in India offer employment-related services, such as permanent recruitment and placement, contract and temporary staffing, human resources consulting, outplacement and outsourcing. In contractual staffing services, the jobs include degreed professionals and skilled trade across all professions.

Temporary agencies match clients and qualified candidates to fill non-employee and temporary positions, which goes to small, mid-sized and large companies. The agency also manages the client’s long-term and short-term hiring, along with managing drug testing, background checks, placement, skill training and reference screening.

If you have a smaller business, you’ll know how difficult it is to maintain a healthy financial budget. Companies that are looking for temporary employees contact temp staffing companies in India and share their business requirements – human resources, accounting or data entry. On the other hand, these agencies have a large talent pool that is matched against the company’s needs. As most organisations don’t have the time to hire full-time, part-time or freelance employees, temp staffing companies in India take over the responsibility. As per the educational qualifications, experience, location and working hours required, they contact the employees and welcome them onboard.

One of the reasons why contractual staffing services are needed, companies find it exceedingly long to hire temporary employees. This boosts short-term productivity and efficiency, leaving them to focus on their business. Due to the frequency to secure qualified talent in short times, agencies speed up the time-to-fill rates as far as possible.

If you’re a modern-day company or worker, contractual staffing regulations give you higher flexibility over the kind of work and schedules. They also control the workload, working hours and expenses that range over different professions. In some cases, they receive higher wages as compared to full-time jobs.

Employers easily adapt to the shifting work requirements and market conditions, which extends to urgent job requirements as well. For companies, contractual staffing also reduces labour costs, which would otherwise incur additional expenses and resources for less work. Labour laws are associated with filing benefits, social benefits and taxes. They have access to work, flexibility, a larger network and increased productivity. Contractual staffing companies in India combine cellular technology, which makes it simple for connecting jobseekers and employees. Due to these reasons, the business enjoys positivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Companies specifically hire employees for specialised skills, without risking hiring permanent employees who don’t have the complete experience required for the job position. You’ll find this important when you’re recruiting for short-term job positions where the organization currently doesn’t have staff with these skills.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, industry leaders have hired the finest technical and professional staff across all industries for their specifications. temporary staffing services have people who have specialised skills, as many job seekers have given up permanent positions and now work as contractual and freelance workers. They have a higher work-life balance, are hired easily because of their proficiency in hard-to-find skills and make good money.



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